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There’s a great scene in which Pfeiffer, irked by a shopkeeper who mocks her request for peanut butter (“peanuts are good,” he smirks to a colleague, “for monkeys”), coolly tips over a petrol canister and flings a match over her shoulder on her way out.

“I’m a little nervous about it.” She makes a face that says eek! 'OK, I’m really in a new chapter here.’” We’re having lunch at one of New York’s grand restaurants, a place with white-jacketed waiters and a swirly fern-patterned carpet where Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow used to come to have dinner and fight with each other. It’s not that she looks younger than she is – she doesn’t particularly – it’s the symmetry of her bone structure, the flashing aquamarine eyes and those lips, the top one so much fuller than the bottom.Ashe was due in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, who is charged with smuggling .5 million into the US since 2013 and lying that it was to buy art and casino chips.Ng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration.I'm happy with my life however good things are better shared, hence the reason why I'm putting myself through the awkward pain of this marketplace. I'm down to earth, appreciate the simple things in life, and see the funny side of most things.I judge people on how they treat others, and I honestly believe we can all learn something from everyone.

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    ‘It felt more like there isn’t any blueprint for how to do this, get through this.