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Hands down it was him, and I was stunned he was on a dating site and so opened. Well Billy Zane was in that strange realtionship with Kelly Brooke for ages and it was whispered she was a total beard and liked the ladies. The first time I ever saw Billy Zane was in a cowboy movie called, "Tombstone." He played a Shakespearean actor, and one of the cowboys had a huge crush on him..then he died. Nothing that he's done since then has dispelled that feeling. People are not that naive anymore R21, time for a new spin, that is so 1995.

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Antiques or articles with sentimental value from John's past are especially dear to him.

So he went, and the guy who supposedly beat him was there again and came after him. Then he found out he was not allowed to have a membership to the place anymore, and decided he would have his REVENGE.

The guy is one taco shy of a combination plate, and anything he says is highly suspect. We have yet to find out what the book really writes about the beforementioned celebs.

When a single mother has talked around, how can we forget about freestyle music singer and songwriter Taylor Dayne?

The real name of Taylor is Leslie Wunderman but popularly known by her stage name Les Lee and Taylor Dayne.

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