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” with “That I’m a very lucky man.” Less obvious, yet more tantalizing for the possibilities it brings are the clothes sharing series.

Whether they have worn the exact same coat or bought it at a two for one special, it’s hailed as a sure sign both men are more than just BFFs 4eva.

However, crushing all the gay rumors with Lee Pace, he is now an engaged man to his girlfriend turned fiancée Samantha Colley.

The 45 years old English actor kept it all a secret but eventually it all got out.

Swirling in the big black cauldron of celebrity gossip is the quite interesting question of whether Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are an item.

Is #Rich Lee a reality, or a figment of fanagination gone wild? This was back in 2013, and his star has risen higher ever since.

It’s been less than a day since we reported about Sir Ian Mc Kellan’s accidental slip and possible outing of a fellow Hobbit costar, but that information alone has given the fine users of Tumblr enough ammunition to turn their dashboards into Speculation City and kick off the next great search for a closeted Hollywood actor.

In a 2012 interview with , Mc Kellan confirmed that two of the actors playing dwarves in the Hobbit trilogy were openly gay, even though only one, in fact, is openly gay.

We know that came out of nowhere, but it was meant to be. Richard Armitage aka Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit trilogy is quite famous for his work in the movies.

To add fuel to the flames, Sir Ian Mc Kellen has outed Lee Pace in an interview about his fellow co-stars in The Hobbit franchise.

Just look only how many openly gay actors in the “Hobbit” there were: two of the dwarves, to Luke Evans, Stephen Fry, Lee Pace.

Asked if Hollywood’s ready for a gay action hero, the 37-year-old says “it’s difficult to answer.” “I don’t know how ‘Hollywood’, as you call it, thinks. “We are nowhere near engaged but things are really good,” she told the paper.

Talent, success, what you do in your personal life – I don’t see how one should have an effect on the other.” The profile seems to posit Evans, who had his breakout role in 2010’s In 2009, Evans signed with new management company and, a year later, was suddenly dating fashion publicist Holly Goodchild.

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