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"I loved you," she said as she took a pair of Kimmel's old socks from the box along with a phone charger and jeans from before he slimmed down. The duo split in 2008 and Kimmel wed Molly Mc Nearney this past summer in a star-studded affair. Sarah Silverman stopped by her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's talk show on Thursday to talk about her new boyfriend, Michael Sheen.So whichever is most uncomfortable is which way she'll go. Silverman: Jimmy doesn't like it when I tell jokes about him. Do I have to add something like "What's up with that? Kimmel: If they did smell, I would go along with it as valid, but the fact of the matter is... Kimmel: Well, first of all, you absolutely do move your bowels, though it is infrequently, I will admit. The fact is, you do move your bowels, and it's a mess. Silverman: First of all, I'm very impressed that you've learned that men and women are different. Kimmel: I don't mind jokes that have some basis in reality. Silverman: You'll never know, because my nana has passed away. You say that I go to the bathroom and that I have gas. Silverman: What does it matter if your balls smell like my nana's house? He's kind and funny and maybe the most thoughtful person I know.""Sarah is funny and smart and good to look at," said Kimmel, 40. In particular, sometimes we wonder who the fuck cares about any straight celebrity on DL, since some of us find gay gossip more interesting. He loves to get sucked off but he's still a bit reluctant to suck me till I cum. Years ago they did a radio interview together where they talked about how Jimmy would never go down on her.Kimmel broached the topic by bringing up Silverman's Emmy Award for writing in a variety special, specifically her acceptance speech in which she thanked Largo club owner Mark Flanagan for introducing her to her "love, Mr.Fancy Pants Sheen."The host followed up the speech clip with a quick quip: "Now, I believe that half of America thinks you're dating Charlie Sheen," he said.

Kimmel, 45, and Silverman, 42, dated for five years before calling it quits in 2009 -- and have remained friendly ever since."She dated Jimmy Kimmel for five years, and made love to me for two incredible minutes," Damon introduced the comedienne, who co-starred in the celebrity-packed hit spoof, "I'm f--king Matt Damon." PHOTOS: Lavish A-list weddings When asked to describe her relationship with Kimmel, Silverman joked, "You know when you're in New York and you pass by those hot dog vendors and you're like, ' I'm not going to eat this.It's not good for me.' And then the smell gets to you and you can't help yourself. Then later on you're puking and you're just like, ' Why did I put this inside me?The "Million Ways to Die in the West" star's Thursday appearance marks her first return to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" since its host married show writer Molly Mc Nearney in July 2013.When Silverman visited the show in November 2013, she brought back a box of Kimmel's stuff.

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