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The following code example uses the derived class Text Box and validates an e-mail address that the user enters.If the e-mail address is not in the standard format (containing "@" and "."), the validation fails, an Error Provider icon is displayed, and the event is canceled.This example requires that a Text Box and Error Provider control have been created on a form.When two email servers, or Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs), send and receive emails between each other, they communicate using a series of numeric codes.There had been some talk that Sender ID was dead, but Sender ID continues to provide important benefits to both senders and receivers.Sender ID verifies the origin of the email address based on IP address and domain, and then uses the validation results to determine email delivery.This article only applies if you are using our downloaded software that installs on your own server.With our hosted service we manage everything for you and you do not need to worry about the technical details.

Temporary Email Connection Failures Failures (ordered by most common to least common): The sending mail server has been subjected to Greylisting .

Mimecast is only able to deal with the designated contacts for our customers.

Error 400 codes are typically temporary failures, so a correctly configured mail server should retry the connection based on their Delivery.

If there is a match, then the messages pass authentication and can be delivered.

when the domain's SPF record will be considered valid for use with Mandrill as a UTC string in YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format.

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