Validating composite controls Ava alexander sex

The controls themselves tie in to some jquery validation for basic validation tasks.Problem: I want to make the validation of these Composite Controls more flexible by allowing developers to use the ASP. Reg Ex Validator, Required Field Validator, Custom Validator, etc) to validate the data in one of my Composite Controls.

Others inherit from existing fully functional controls to create more specific versions of these controls or to enhance their functionality.

We can then change the individual values and click ‘Done’, or simply click off the fly-out menu to commit the changes.

The 7 address fields are then combined and formatted nicely into the ‘Address 1’ composite field, so that you can easily see the whole address in 1 field, rather than having to look across 7 different fields.

This field can then be added into views and reports, or even exported to excel.

This new composite control is used for most of the main entity address blocks in CRM; including Account, Contact, Lead, Competitor, Quote, Order, and Invoice.

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