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The way you do this depends on whether you're using a Mac or a PC. Now it's time to update i Tunes (these instructions assume you already have Apple Software Update open).

You may want to go back to the previous one, but can you?

For some reason, i Tunes sometimes has problems displaying the artwork for albums, movies and TV shows.

One day it will display fine, the next it won't.

For example, ripping your own CD may produce a different result from 'acquiring' the same album from - shall we say, a download sharing site.

Normally what I do is (1) if an album has no artwork, I select all the tracks and drag'n'drop the artwork (from Amazon for example) into the box for Selected Item.

You can also use third-party programs such as Cover Scout to help you find album artwork for your i Tunes music.

Mac Rumors forum user nomad01 tried the above without it resolving the issue, but came up with a solution that did work: "However, unticking the 'show album artwork on my i Pod' box, syncing the i Pod to remove all album artwork (quicker than it sounds), and then ticking this box and updating the i Pod again seems to have fixed it." Several other users confirm nomad01's suggestion as working for them.

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Right-click on the selected song and go to “Get Info”. Go to the tab called “Artwork” and click on “Add…”.

You can check by clicking on several tracks in the same album.

(2)If the artwork isn't there for all the tracks, you can select all the tracks, then go to File Get Info and drop the artwork into the Artwork Box.

Respectfully, Bob Morgan ITunes I tried drag/drop, copy/paste to the add album artwork, using my own jpeg.

It drops or pastes and shows in the little box, but then never shows up in my album list (still just the music note). Thanks in advance, Bob As it says above I wasn’t able to copy and paste with 11.3 but I was able to copy the image from the source in the usual fashion and then use command v to add it to the artwork box.

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