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Recently divorced from Joe Morgan, a husband who had driven her to drink, Cat was now a single mother with a young son named Adam Morgan, trying to get a fresh start and stay sober. They become fast friends, and even become romantically involved for a time, but eventually this ends, as Clark really loves Lois Lane, and seems more interested in helping Cat fix up her life than dating her.Jimmy Olsen in turn is attracted to Cat, but she seems to either not notice or not care.This breezy approach is reflected in the younger, attractive central cast: ): Superman rarely fought someone who was a physical match for him, with most villains either being secretive like Luthor or—much like the earlier George Reeves series — resorting to kidnapping innocents.Occasionally, Superman's power levels were lessened to add drama, but the consistency of those vulnerabilities was spotty at best.Like other Superman-related media of that time (otherwise known as the Post-Crisis era), Clark identifies as the "real" personality — with Superman being the role he puts on — and has the support of his still-living foster parents.L&C slots into a long line of imitators, mixing a "will they/won't they" romance with a few postmodern aspirations: Clark spends as much time chasing clues and mixing with his weird co-workers as he does battling evil, and his alter-ego is a frequent topic of Seinfeldian Conversations.His mother ran a newsagents, and he would get up early and collect stories about Metropolis from the paper for a scrapbook.Jimmy was a very bright child, but sometimes grew bored with his schoolwork. He got a job as an intern at the Daily Planet while still a junior high school student.

For whatever reason, the Mexican superhero El Dorado from the previous show didn't get the equal opportunity call back from Superman and Wonder Woman in "Challenge".

[shoots hole through a cut-out of Superman] I'll see you tonight.

Jimmy Olsen is a photographer and reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis alongside Clark Kent and Lois Lane underneath chief-editor Perry White.

See more » : Banded together from remote galaxies are thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time, The Legion of Doom, dedicated to a single objective: the conquest of the universe.

Only one group dares to challenge this intergalactic threat: The Super Friends!

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