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Experience the sensuous samba in Rio, marvel at the icebergs calving off the face of San Rafael, or watch the Andean eagle soar in the majestic fjords of Chile.Akron school board reps come from affluent neighborhoods: Half of the candidates running for Akron school board -- including all three incumbents -- come from the West Akron area that feeds Firestone High School, the city's highest performing traditional public school, the Beacon Journal reports. Brad Jagger is rewriting the book on how to connect a church with its community.The pastor at the Church in Silver Lake has instituted speed dating -- 10-minute conversations over a light lunch, to put members in touch with one another.Stretching from the steaming Amazon to the bone-dry Atacama Desert to the glacial peaks of the Andes, this is a continent where the unexpected is never a surprise.Join us aboard , our newest leading lady, in October 2017 for a 66-day circumnavigation of this exhilarating continent.

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