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The other appeal is that you, the gay viewer, are getting to see a straight man having the kind of raw, animalistic sex that he really wants to have (with a woman), as opposed to the gay-for-pay sex he has with men on one of these megasite’s gay properties. This is about questioning the reasoning behind gay men producing straight porn for a gay audience.And because he’s having the kind of sex that is actually aligned with his actual sexual orientation, you would think that the sex would be more passionate, more raw, and more authentic. I’m told that audience is large, and that they’re paying for it, but I’m skeptical.Want to only view broadcasters between a certain age range?It's easy to narrow down your overview to only see girls/guys between the ages of 18-22, 23-29, or 30 Live sex cams are organized into descriptive categories that can be easily sorted. The goal of these sorting features is to help pinpoint exactly who you might be interested in chatting with.

So, it’s not like gay consumers are purchasing memberships to gay megasites specifically for the straight porn. Maybe by promising the straight porn models who perform on gay porn megasites that they get to have sex with at least one female for every four males they have sex with, producers have given their boys a way to justify working in gay porn.

Additionally, it provides users with a new, tailored overview of live sex chat rooms to browse.

Flirtlu's sex chat platform was in development for a while, and we’re proud to have officially launched it.

Then again, maybe you have a weakness for a certain male performer and you’re willing to watch him do anything, even have sex with a woman, so you’ll click over and watch him go straight for a few minutes before returning to the man-on-man section of your membership. Their heterosexuality is affirmed by virtue of the fact that they can be seen having sex with women (despite being seen having sex with men one click away).

Treated strictly as a fetish, it’s not hard at all to understand why straight porn could appeal to gay men (some people like scat porn but they’d never actually eat shit), but imagine if a straight company decided to produce gay porn and marketed it as an “alternative” for its straight male audience. So why are gay porn producers doing what straight porn producers won’t? One, gay men are more open-minded, accepting, and willing to embrace all forms of sex (as long as there’s at least one hot guy involved), or two, gay men are self-loathing Stepin Fetchits desperate to fit in with the mainstream by hiding behind images of masculinity. For straight guys in gay porn, the girls are the carrots to the sticks. Watch more free hardcore XXX porn at Gay Porn!

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