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– Keep discussion polite, reasonable and constructive. volunteer to the front of your request – Keep discussions here polite, please :) – No public logging HWY_bot stalks all current Featured Articles for Wiki Project Highways, as well as all pages within its projectspace. list to get the full list of pages sent to you in a PM.– If nobody is here leave a message at the Wiki Project's talk page: Wiki Project_Arkansas – If you don't want to post to wiki, then send Coffee (the project's coordinator) a memo with Memo Serv. (WARNING: may take 20–30 minutes)The developement channel for the Unblock Ticket Request System – Tool: .ly/Jag Dx H Beta: .ly/Jag Ocf – Team email: [email protected]– JIRA: .ly/Jd Oqs E – CIA-* now talks : D --DQWelcome to the UTRS channel – Tool: Very Slow at points.Ishte nj nat e nxeh.t qershori ne vitin 1995, dy dite para se te mbushja te gjashtmbdhjetat.

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The alternative is to remain a simple observer, not able to take any initiative.

On the basis of the data entered the machine will then select for us some profiles with affinities to ours that we will screen according to our needs.

In reality, often used for related discussions related to Meta-Wiki too, as well as other stuff which belongs to several channels of this list (or none). In reality, it's also used for most Meta-Wiki related maintenance discussions and requests; see also #wikimedia.

Some stewards are voiced.[private] Wikimedia oversighters, checkusers and stewards, and users who have the presumptive right to hold these by simple request (e.g. New oversighters, checkusers and stewards may contact Barras, Der Hexer, guillom or Trijnstel for access. Redaktion_Biologie – RIP Zirpe – Redaktion_Biologie#Chat_der_Lebewesenikis_zum_10._Geburtstag Solltest du in diesen Channel weitergeleitet worden sein, ist dies wahrscheinlich geschehen, da du keinen Zugang zu #wikipedia-de-admins hast.

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