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Almost a century after the first female MP was elected, women still comprise only a fifth of the House of Commons.

One of the measures suggested for remedying this inequality is the use of gender quotas for parliamentary candidates.

"My last field of work was community development, which is a field that has had its funding reduced hugely over the last 10 years, so there were basically no jobs to be had."A cuddle party is basically a group of people getting together, it is clothes on and non-sexual, so there is no sexual touch, but it is very much about people asking for what they want in terms of touch from other people, knowing what their own boundaries are and communicating those," Beth explains as a stream of eager participants of varying ages, both men and women, arrive at the private Killiney venue."It's about knowing what you want in the first place, clearly expressing that and then if others transgress those boundaries, being able to say 'hang on that's not what I said you could do, so stop'," Beth adds.The motion was then blocked by members of the socially conservative Democratic Unionist Party who deployed the "petition of concern" mechanism in Northern Irish law-making, which requires a cross community majority for a measure to pass.The mechanism, introduced as a safeguard, was designed to protect minorities in a once highly-divided region.

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