Sex girls norway

The only downside is that they can be a bit thick from pulling sleighs or whatever they do in the countryside during the winter. In the summer they wear booty shorts, showing off their toned, tanned legs, and their best quality by far is their thick dick-sucking lips, something you don’t see in other Scandinavian countries.

Do you want to go to Oslo and put your penis inside a Norwegian vagina?Norway is home to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful natural vistas the world has to offer, and the selection of ladies is awfully impressive too.Most Norwegian porn stars amateur girls and couples that record their bedroom activities to share with the world. Certainly I noticed a lot of the Swedish guys were quite reserved and didn't approach unless they were blazin drunk, so I think a big set of balls works to your advantage big-time there. The stereotypical look is tall, slim, blonde hair and blue eyes and you do see many who look like that (in fact significantly more than elsewhere), although there are some brunettes and redheads etc too. As for easiness, when i was in Sweden I was still a complete pussy-loser, so I couldn't tell you to be honest, but I've HEARD that Scandinavian chicks are relatively easy to pull, and appreciate direct game.

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