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The proposed 2.8% rate hike request if approved by the Public Service Commission will add almost to your monthly bill to pay for construction.

The bottom line – your monthly bill will have jumped 31% in six short years.

In the end, we came up with what we think is each state's coolest, most emblematic hotel. Turns out that while the historic hotel was indeed open during the war, it got the name from its founder, a guy named James Battle.

Mildly disappointing, indeed, but it doesn’t make this spot -- where Stephen Douglas stayed when Lincoln whipped him in the election of 1858 -- any less awesome; the interior will make you feel like you’ve time-traveled back 150 years.

Officials didn't offer comment on why they would tell patrons a store was closing, then later remove the designation.

Unless your name happens to be Arthur Fonzarelli (in which case, that's crazy! And even harder to apply the label to hotels, when "cool" could mean historic, or trendy, or that the place is actually a decommissioned Coast Guard helicopter with a full-service bar... But since we're not above doing hard work, we tried to figure out just how each state would define cool, and then applied that spirit to their hotels. With a badass name like The Battle House, you’d assume this place was some sort of Confederate headquarters during the Civil War.

Here you’ll sit in the middle of the largest swath of protected land on the planet; you'll hike, fish, and boat while your hosts spend the day cooking an epic meal that you’ll eat in a dining room full of oversized chairs, before retreating to your private, hillside cabin.

A lot of hotels will claim to “transport you back to another time”, but as soon as you flip on the TV and “Real Housewives” comes on, you become painfully aware it's still 2014.

I love to travel and go t I'm a short small woman blond hair, I like the out doors love the water but can't swim, I like pets, I'm easy going I dont like the bar sean, I'm layed back and comfortable little woman.And to make matters worse, SCE&G will go before the Public Service Commission on July 21 to ask for additional changes (2015-103-E) that could result in even more rate increases. AARP South Carolina, in its letter to the PSC, also requested that a second public hearing be held in this matter at a date to be announced if granted. For your convenience, we have posted links to several newspapers.The Mississippian stone statuary are artifacts of polished stone in the shape of human figurines made by members of the Mississippian culture (800 to 1600 CE) and found in archaeological sites in the American Midwest and Southeast.Don’t try to sound all “back-to-nature” when you tell friends you’re unleashing your inner caveman by staying in this lodge built into a real cave in the Ozarks.South Carolinian’s can’t afford another SCE&G rate hike.

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