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While Kit Harington and Rose Leslie might be considered as a couple with a long-term relationship, it was not always a bed of roses along the way.Kit Harington and Rose Leslie relationship began in 2010 but they reportedly broke up multiple times but eventually got back in each others' arms.Fans of Rose Leslie and Kit Harington tandem believe that Emilia Clarke sneakily snatched the 29-year old actor from the clutches of the actress who played Ygritte in "GOT." Even before Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were an item, "GOT" fans were already shipping Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in real-life.Their chemistry and awfully good looks made them the perfect pair in real life.On the other hand, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke "shippers" are more than happy with the breakup news, saying that the "Me Before You" actress had a thing with the Jon Snow actor first.

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In fact, sources close to the couple reportedly believe that a proposal might happen soon and wedding bells might be ringing before 2017 ends.Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen may not have a happy love life in "Game Of Thrones" series, but Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke might have a different story.Kit Harington, who was previously linked to fellow "Game Of Thrones" star Rose Leslie, is reportedly dating another "GOT" actress, Emilia Clarke.Meanwhile, "Game Of Thrones" is nearing its finale as a TV series.Although Rose Leslie's role as Ygritte has already been over and and done a few seasons ago, Kit Harington's role as Jon Snow is as significant as ever.

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