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Who wants to see a romance where we only get to see our lovers happy for five seconds? I am put off that the structure is just a gimmick to obscure that this is such an ordinary story of two self-centered characters who possess no qualities that warrant our attention.

I am put off that this is 90 minutes of egocentric, personal-pronoun theater — 28 uses of the words “I” or “I’m” — in the first song alone. Jamie’s a rising novelist who’s enjoying an inordinately easy rise to fame (and he’s an adulterer). Neither ever makes the other a priority over their careers.

But while Jamie’s at the start, going forward in time, Cathy’s going backward, from the end of the affair.

The Porto CP comes into the IC-group by the same route as the Lisbon IC, from Starwood (Meridien) via Tiara hotels.

As Porto already has a much nicer and very central IC, badging the new hotel an Intercontinental was never really on the cards: although that's what happened to its sister hotel in Lisbon. Lisbon is a wonderful city and I really want to go back there.

It's the soft opening now, so things will likely change soon.

And they will do a full renovation starting in 2015 and hopefully ending six months later.

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