Range for using the infrared wireless port when updating a

While Bluetooth is well on its way to replacing infrared in many different areas, the technology is not meant to be used for wireless networking.

Instead, Wi-Fi technology, which has a larger range and higher bandwidth than Bluetooth, is the standard that most wireless networking equipment uses.

In order for an infrared signal to be detected, there must be a direct line of sight between the transmitter (remote) and the receiver (TV).

If there is a wall or large object between them, the signal will not pass through it.

Back around the turn of the century, infrared ports for wireless data transfer over short distances were commonplace on many mobile devices.

The distance an infrared signal can travel varies based on the strength of the remote, but is usually less than 50 feet for household electronics.Bluetooth has a maximum range of 10 meters, which, although twice that of infrared, is still much less than that of other radio-frequency wireless technologies.Bluetooth enjoys a clear advantage over infrared in effective range, but both technologies are useful only for communication between devices in relatively close proximity to one another.These pulses are invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected by a sensor in the receiving device.Bluetooth wireless uses radio waves on a particular frequency (2.4 giga Hertz) for data transmission from device to device.

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