Public folder address book not updating

Troubleshooting these issues isn’t as easy as it looks.To better troubleshoot or change the information stored in the Lync Address Book, you need to be aware of all the steps it takes in creating the Lync Address Book.The offline address-book (OAB) of Exchange is available when the user is not connected, Since Exchange 2007, it is updated via a Web-based distribution point. The offline address-book (OAB) is a copy of the Exchange address book that the user can download via their Outlook client.But what if you need to set up several Offline address-books for a variety of sites or geographical regions, each to be distributed by a different point? It is mainly used to allow access to the address book when the user is disconnected from the network or is in cached mode.Web-based distribution supports more clients and consumes less bandwidth.The OAB is downloaded via a virtual directory on the client access server.By default all domains that are found will be replicated and will be replicated alphabetically from A to Z.

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So make sure the internal and external URL for OAB and Autodiscover virtual directory is configured properly.Web-based distribution point can be easily created and configured using Exchange management console or Exchange management shell.It’s a more effective way of downloading OAB than from public folder.Offline address book is used by Office Outlook so that users can locate contact information even when they are not connected to the server.Offline address book works when the Outlook client is configured in cache mode or when it is in offline mode.

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