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Darwin was not, however, the first person to propose an evolutionary explanation for the diversity of life on earth.

In fact, evolutionary concepts about life date far back into history and arose in many different cultures.

Literally, because of the discovery of DNA, the theory of evolution has become the most absurd scientific theory in the history of science!!

Evolution that arises from natural selection is called adaptive evolution.Prior to the discovery of DNA, the evidence against the theory of evolution was significant.Since the discovery of DNA the evidence against the theory of evolution has become overwhelming!!The container is a long bone, probably from a llama, and is covered with animal skin(? The resin is embedded with small shells in geometric linear and triangular patterns. The lime dipper (spatula) is also bone and is nicely carved with two human figures, the lower figure is seated, the top figure is standing. Llamas played an important role in the Inca culture and economy, providing basic needs and serving as pack animals. The figure is adorned with ear spools and wears a double-appliqued turban style headwrap. Their hands are gesturing forward toward speech scrolls. Sea-bird guano was an important source of fertilizer for crops in ancient Peru. 5 — North Coast, Peru 100 BC - 200 AD A rare Viru (Gallinazo) whistle vessel in the form of a temple. The rear chamber is topped by a short tapered spout. The whistle works nicely and is incorporated into the handle, just behind the llama's head. The spout and handle are partially restored and the whistle has been restored to working order. This example has never been cleaned and is heavily oxidized with moderate to heavy green encrusted patina as would be expected. Each side of the vessel shows two relief carved figures in battle. Nicely burnished brownware surface with light deposits inside and out. Two very small rim chips have been restored, otherwise intact and original. A lovely example with elegant form and rich brown color. A four-legged platform with a hollow inverted cone on top. 0 — Guatemala 250 BC - 250 AD A large Maya pottery vessel from the Kaminaljuyu region of Guatemala, dating to the Pre-Classic Period. 0 — West Mexico 300 BC - 300 AD A rare figural vessel from the Coahuayana Valley of Colima, West Mexico.The dipper fits perfectly into the opening atop the container. They were also cultural icons and were revered in various spiritual and fertility rites. Covered overall in an orange-pink slip with very light surface wear and scattered manganese deposits present. Southern California private collection since the early 1970s. The interior features a row of five (5) stylized birds, with speech symbols expelling from their beaks. A small rim chip has been restored along with some minor exterior paint touch ups. The background is covered with raised dots representing rainfall. The front chamber shows a lord (ruler) inside a temple. Inside the structure is a figure with incised and impressed features. There are areas, mainly on the back that are void of encrustation and clearly shows the original silver metallic surface underneath. A few dangles have been reattached and several have been replaced using modern wire. The most interesting aspect of this vessel is the battle scene. 5 — West Mexico 100 BC - 250 AD An unusual Pre-Classic Period redware vessel from the Jalisco region of Western Mexico. 0 — West Mexico 250 BC - 250 AD An archaic style Shaman figure from Colima, West Mexico dating to the Late Formative Period. The unusual shape of these small incensarios are thought to represent an ancient pottery kiln or possibly a volcano effigy. Lynn Langdon - collected between the 1940s and early 1960s. Nicely sculpted in the form of a stylized Coatimundi with rounded body and wide, flared opening at the top. 5 — Peru 800 BC - 400 BC An early Chavin grayware terracotta stirrup vessel in the form of a Harpy Eagle. It has a sharply pointed curved beak, pierced eyes and a central ridge of plumage. The hollow vessel depicts a seated female with the right hand up to the side of her face, the left arm is down and shows ritual scarification on the shoulder. 5 — Guatemala 700 AD - 900 AD Southern Maya polychrome bowl dating to the Late Classic Period. 8" across x 3.5" tall 5 — Peru 400 AD - 600 AD An unusual Nazca pottery cup dating to the Proliferous Period. 5 — Panama 600 AD - 800 AD A rare and exceptional Cocle figural vessel with rolled rim and footed base.

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