Pid file quit without updating fi

noconfigure: error: utf8_mime2text() has new signature, but U8T_CANONICAL is missing. Manager of pid-file quit without updating fi[FAILED]전에 mysql 버젼의 /etc/가 존재하는듯함.After installation, Linux requires configuration and systems administration.

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I am in Database class, so I tried to install it again and now I get the error: Starting My SQL . The server quit without updating PID file (/usr/local/mysql/data/ is strongly recommended for production servers. Please report any problems with the /usr/bin/mysqlbug script!The latest information about My SQL is available at Support My SQL by buying support/licenses from Starting My SQL..Inno DB: Doublewrite buffer not found: creating new Inno DB: Doublewrite buffer created Inno DB: Creating foreign key constraint system tables Inno DB: Foreign key constraint system tables created151229 Inno DB: Started; log sequence number 0 0151229 [ERROR] Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: Address already in use151229 [ERROR] Do you already have another mysqld server running on port: 3306 ?151229 [ERROR] Aborting151229 Inno DB: Starting shutdown...151229 Inno DB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 0 44233151229 [Note] /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld: Shutdown complete151229 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /data/mysql/ended 解决办法:kill掉占用3306端口的进程。 相关推荐:My Sql ERROR!

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