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The network has been heralded as a great way to meet new people, find a date or connect with locals while traveling.More of a small startup compared to its and Ok Cupid competition, Meet Moi may not boast as large an audience, but its select participation may actually work in its favor.Men having sex with men (MSM) frequently use the Internet to find sex partners.We examined the association between unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) with partners dated online and with partners dated offline (met elsewhere), and examined whether differences can be explained by self-perceived HIV status of the index and knowledge of partnership characteristics.The purpose of this study was to understand the dating and sex behaviors of a sample of YBMSM who regularly use dating phone apps We conducted a qualitative interview study to explore the dating experiences and sex behaviors of both HIV- negative and -positive YBMSM who reported regular use of dating phone apps.We used the Integrated Behavior Model to frame our investigation of the potential influences of phone apps on condom use, HIV status disclosure, and HIV testing.Required documents Please check below which documents are required for the different type of programs.

A modified grounded theory approach was used to guide our inductive and deductive qualitative analysis.

Committee Members: Hussen, Sophia A ; Wong, Frank Y Research Fields: Health Sciences, Public Health Partnering Agencies: Community-based non-profit organization (e.g., AID Atlanta) ; Hospital or other health care provider Keywords: young black MSM; men who have sex with men; sex behaviors; integrated behavioral model; dating phone apps; HIV; qualitative research Program: Rollins School of Public Health, Behavioral Sciences and Health Education HIV incidence is increasing among young Black men who have sex with men (YBMSM) despite relatively stable rates in the general United States population.

Dating phone applications (apps) have become popular among YBMSM to find sexual partners; however, the impact of these apps on decision-making around sex behaviors is understudied in this group.

For some, however, local deals and specials only go so far. Now GPS dating apps for those looking for local love have flooded the i Phone and Android markets.

The following list includes five geo-location apps for romance-seekers on the go.

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