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It's just not a reasonable demand..when I dig deeper I see that they are stunted emotionally in some way, and never had that 'perfect boyfriend' when THEY were in their 20's..can't move on from that until they get some young twink to fall in love with them. I meant to add that hooking up with younger guys is a whole 'nother story. uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page.Despite many previous studies of older adults’ Internet use, none focused on these most vulnerable older adults.This study examined Internet use patterns, reasons for discontinued use, e Health literacy, and attitudes toward computer/Internet use among low-income homebound individuals aged 60 and older in comparison to their younger counterparts—homebound adults under age 60.However, studies have shown that individuals in the United States are increasingly reluctant to identify with a specific religion and less likely to attend a place of worship [5].Despite these statistics, the fields of psychology, social work, mental health, counseling, medicine, and nursing have been reluctant to introduce and incorporate religion and spirituality into professional training curricula.

Internet technology can provide a diverse array of online resources for low-income disabled and homebound older adults to manage their health and mental health problems and maintain social connections.Otherwise, date someone your own age (I know, God forbid).[quote]I am most definitely not looking to be a sugar daddy or any kind of daddy for that matter.[quote]...preferably one that isn't promoting a fetish, like silver daddy or bears, etc.?What exactly is it then, OP, that would interest any of us in one of you?Face-to-face or telephone surveys were conducted with 980 recipients of home-delivered meals in central Texas (78% were age 60 years and older and 22% under age 60).The e Health Literacy Scale (e HEALS) and the efficacy and interest subscales of the Attitudes Toward Computer/Internet Questionnaire (ATC/IQ) were used to measure the respective constructs.

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    I decided to eliminate all the cliches and adjectives that would put me on a pedestal.