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The Chinese government-owned firm added that this is not the first time Mineralogy has been ordered by a judge not to rely on several default and termination notices over the past few years.The over bn Sino Iron project began production later than planned after a dramatic cost blowout."This ensures that operations at Sino Iron can continue without interruption.Sino Iron has been exporting quality iron ore concentrate," the company said in a statement.

Mineralogy served Citic a termination notice in early September, which gave the firm 21 days until the firm was supposed to no longer be able to mine iron ore at the massive iron ore project in the Pilbara.An archaeological exploration project by Centre for Extra-Mural Studies (CEM) of the Archaeology department of University of Mumbai and Sathaye College has found evidence that urban settlements in Mumbai date back to the pre-Portuguese era.The popular notion so far had been that urban settlements in the city started taking roots only after the influx of the Portugese colonialists.Fraser Health is not offering any additional funding to help George Derby, but the audit found the centre was paying too much for its food and laundry services and suggested that was an area to consider cutting costs.According to Fraser Health, one of the main contributing factors to George Derby’s financial demise was a lack of planning to prepare for funding reductions from Veterans Affairs Canada despite advance notice dating back several years.

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