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Since then, industries have come and gone, but locals have stayed for the incredible quality of life here.Today Nakusp is a great place for rejuvenating body and mind, hiking among the cedars, lounging on the beach, soaking in hot springs, or relaxing at a spa.Read More Go walking or hiking on routes such as Nakusp's beautiful Waterfront Pathway to the Japanese Garden, Cedar Grove Trail, or Saddle Mountain Lookout.Nakusp's beaches provide ample sun-soaking opportunities in addition to swimming, canoeing, boating, and volleyball action.At God's call, he traveled to Canaan and lived for a while in various localities, in particular: Shechem, Hebron, Bethel, and the Negev desert, with sojourns to Egypt and Gerar.Genesis records that he led a band of armed men to rescue his nephew Lot from kings who had captured him, interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah (Lot's wicked residence), paid tithes to the Melchizedek, King of (Jeru)Salem, and entertained angels.As we begin our study of the life of Abraham, we'll be traveling back through time nearly 4,000 years into a semi-nomadic, Middle Bronze Age culture far removed from our own.

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They present a visual record of BCIT's growth and development, our relationships with industry and the community, images of student life, and campus events since our founding in 1964.The village of Nakusp is laid out on a floodplain overlooking the Arrow Lake, a reservoir that is held back by Castlegar's Hugh Keenleyside Dam.The Columbia River flows through this vast, quiet waterway, and there is little boat traffic to disturb its tranquility.(Note: Unless otherwise designated, all scripture references are to Genesis.) You can't adequately sum up Abraham's career in a single paragraph, but for the sake of perspective, here's an attempt: Abraham was a semi-nomadic shepherd to whom God revealed himself, made promises, and entered into covenant concerning Abraham's offspring and the land that they would inherit in the future.Abraham's belief in these promises was counted by God as righteousness and his faith shaped his life.

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