Machine slow when kasperky is updating

Do you know that an antivirus uses system resources the most during the scanning process?Since the scanning process consumes system resources the most, it is recommended not running scans when you are doing any important or heavy things.Personally, if I know my system is clear to start with and emails and downloads are checked then I'm happy. Antivirus software is generally more harmful then viruses.It slows down your machine, consumes unreasonable amount of RAM and prevents programs from running normally.

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If you do not do it, then most probably your computer will work much slower and any applications you double-click will appear after waiting for an hour.

If you run heavy processes alongside with scanning, the slowdown will be apparent. Just open the computer, start the scanning and leave your computer alone.

You can keep on doing your things on it after the scanning is completed.

And when you will click for three application at a time, everything in your computer will become pale and possess (Not Responding) message in the title.

It is easy to avoid these kinds of complications if you are active enough to Pause your Kaspersky protection and then go for the important jobs.

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