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Just as the Kentucky governor and judges told Kim Davis that she’s free to go to church and knit bible verse prayer cozies for all her menfolks’ dicks, but she is NOT allowed to discriminate at her job, these wankholes are going to have to learn that if they want to do weddings at their farm business, then they have to do ALL WEDDINGS at their farm business.

When I saw Vera “Always A Deputy, Never A Governor” Bennett sitting in the Big Girl’s Chair, I positively squealed with delight.

You can stop right now and let the Season 3 finale be the end of your sentence like we all wish we’d done with Season 5 of Last year’s finale was as good a stopping point as we are ever likely to get: The Freak was captured, Doreen and her baby were safe, Liz and her daughter had made a partial peace, Bea’s hair was on point, and above all, Frankie Doyle was happy, free, and in the arms of a woman we had all come to love.

If you choose to stay, you need to accept in your heart that it will never get any better than that, and you are consciously making the choice to jump back into the crevasse. Apparently, after the cleansing fire of last season, many of the women (and most of our main characters) got shipped off to the local men’s prison for a little vacation, while Wentworth was remodeled and a new governor found.

So the night that Ellen Page came out, Kate tweeted her asking to be her valentine. So what needs to happen is that Ellen and Kate need to for-real-for-real get that season 2 True Detectives spot and then they can come out officially as a couple at the premiere.

Two hours later, Ellen responded with, “yes please.” And that night, I assume they got together and made, like, 408 finger babies.

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    The “Prison Break” star has a black father and a white mother, and ironically got his start as an actor in the movie “The Human Stain,” where he played a black man passing for white.