Kelly clarkson dating brandon blackstock

To the press it would mean that he really was caught cheating and Kelly hasn’t wanted to deal with the extra scrutiny while surviving a physically tough pregnancy.She is scheduled to deliver their daughter somewhere around June 19th and once that happens expect the current situation to change radically.” that the 32-year-old singer is happy in her marriage and has been hard at work putting together the nursery for her soon-to-be-born daughter.She possesses what's been called “the best voice in the history of pop music,” and she uses it to spectacular effect.Here's our list of the Top 10 Kelly Clarkson Songs that have made us dance and cry, sometimes simultaneously.This means Kelly Clarkson is planning to divorce her husband and put all her energy into being a mother, the source added.From Celeb Dirty Laundry: “While Kelly publicly defended her man that doesn’t mean that behind the scenes she has trusted him. She feels disrespected and publicly humiliated by Blackstock but wasn’t about to leave him while expecting their child.According to Twitter, Blackstock proposed the day before his birthday. The talent manager received a few birthday tweets on Sunday, Dec.

Since she first graced our television screens as the first ever winner of ' American Idol' in 2002, Clarkson has made some of the finest pop music the world has ever seen — with uptempo dance bangers, blistering rock tracks, and wrenching ballads that have topped the charts and earned her a prized spot as one of the industry's leading divas.The 34-year-old gave her daughter River Rose a taste of the hazelnut-chocolate spread for the first time and posted the video on Instagram.In the video, the toddler takes a bite of a Nutella-smeared piece of bread for the first time. ' Kelly asks.'Yeah,' the two-year-old replies happily.The report, posted on celebrity gossip site , was allegedly from a woman who claimed she and Clarkson’s husband had been carrying on an affair.“We haven’t slept together,” she claimed, “but we’ve been intimate in other ways.

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