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Related: Sandra Reportedly Considering Secret Wedding In an interview with the , the self-proclaimed "glorified welder" speaks on his past and touches on the time he cheated on America's sweetheart like the idiot that he was. Well, he did totally ruin his marriage, so maybe he was right to feel like an asshole.Currently married to drag racer and heiress Alexis De Joria, the 47-year-old reminisced of his time with Sandra, saying: "The easy [put down] is like, oh well you cheated on Sandra Bullock. The end of the marriage to Sandra also took Jesse out of LA and back to Texas, where he says he always felt more comfortable. " [ Well, it wasn't Sarah Palin, but, uh, it still counts?Seven years ago, West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James was enduring the worst time of his life; ordure piling up on his head following revelations he cheated on his then-wife Sandra Bullock.Today, things are very different for the 'glorified welder', 47.Gone is the LA home – swapped for a million mansion in Texas – while the Long Beach garage that propelled him to fame is a thing of the past.Now happily remarried to wife number four, drag racer and heiress Alexis De Joria, 39, James has thrown himself into a panoply of new ventures, including a gun manufacturing business and a National Rifle Association clothing range.Other business ventures include the Chopperdogs fan club and the Jesse's Girl clothing line.Since 2006, James has nationally published Garage magazine.

“But I always see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you guys gals know somebody that struggles with drinking or drugs or any kind of addiction please just help them, don’t judge them. PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Worst Custody Battles “Most times that’s all they need.Related: Sandra's Stalker Might Get Off On A Technicality! James may've moved on from his divorce to the beloved actress, but it took Miz Bullock some time to bounce back from their split.In case you forgot, the TV personality infamously cheated on the brunette stunner with several women.West Coast Choppers still powers on, albeit largely in the form of clothing, and James says his ,000 apiece guns are now his main focus – among them the weapon he is making as a gift for President Trump.In exclusive interview with Daily, Jesse James says he is in a good place with wife number four, Alexis De Joria, and his new business ventures - a gun manufacturing company and a National Rifle Association clothing line Speaking exclusively to Daily, he said: 'I'm just not sure how I'm going to get it to him. They only just started this stuff so I guess they're still getting things figured out.'Along with weapons, James' passions include his motorbike – a hot rod customized to look like a New Orleans Police Department chopper, complete with a siren – and his family.

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