Is online dating stupid yahoo

While not surprising - her departure had been floated previously - moments ago Re Code confirmed that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer "will not be continuing with the new company that was announced today prematurely in a tweet by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong today." Perhaps what is more surprising is the name of said pro forma company, which according to Kara Swisher will be called "Oath", and will be headed by Armstrong.

As Recode adds, it will also be interesting to see if she gets the full pay-out she is owed, after the recent hacking disaster and the general downturn in Yahoo’s business during her tenure.

One of the great powers of the Internet has been its abiity to democratize information. Q & A, Answers, along with other sites Quora, allows people to ask questions have them answered by people who hopefully have knowledge about that particular area.

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Usually we catch ourselves before word-vomiting it out loud, but sometimes it’s just too late.Who could admire their “cleverness” in being low life criminals and ripping innocent people off?They are breaking hearts, preying on the internet ignorant, sucking in the elderly, and truly ruining peoples life and seriously hurting people. The only way to fight back to to tell everyone you know and get the word out to everyone.If you’re taking the extra step to post your question online, just know you’re freely choosing to make a more permanent mark of dumb on the Internet.I’d like to warn everyone who decides to read further that your IQ might actually go down, due to the blatant lack of intelligence you’re about to witness.

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