How to solve radiometric dating questions online dating nightmares

Feedback archive → Feedback 2013 The article by Lita Cosner, How does the Bible teach 6,000 years?

raised many questions about biblical chronology and authority, which she, Dr Carl Wieland, and Dr Jonathan Sarfati answer.

The initial magnitudes of these components at zero time (that is, the time when the particular system came into existence) are A, t), since it may possibly depend on the process components as well as on time.and most of the articles, and I also have trouble to age the Planet Earth, I think it is 6000 years/or little bit more/ since Adam.Lucifer was before Adam no one know surely how long they were on Earth, when did he rebel against the Creator and ⅓ of God’s angels agreed with Lucifer but God /triune God/with His faithful angels defeated them.If the process is not a closed system, then there may be changes in A and B which result from extraneous influences, other than those expressed in the normal rate function.Let such changes be represented by the quantities D a and D b where D a may be either positive or negative and represents the modification in A brought about during the time T by such external influences. Putting all these quantities together, the following equations express the effect of these changes in A and B.

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