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There are some who would like to have ME believe that i am not actually choosing to do sex work.

That i am not able to give meaningful consent, that all my clients are raping me.

(Imagine the Facebook feeds, everyone.) As Kearney and Levine, who have been working on teen birth rates for more than 20 years, write in the study: “[T]he realities of the lives of teen mothers are presented in ways that may have been unknown or difficult to imagine for other teens viewing the show.” By shattering whatever cutesy, tiny-sock-wearing fantasy would-be mothers may have had before watching the show, “16 and Pregnant” revealed teen parenting as it actually is: grueling, expensive, exhausting, and, without an incredibly support system, often lonely.

For a more detailed analysis of the study — how it was constructed, why most conventional wisdom about changing teen birth rates is wrong, and what these findings really mean, I reached out to Professor Phillip Levine.

Often my work with clients who have a disability is understood as a community service, and it is in this context that the letters to the editor change and we are offered respect for the work that we do. It seems impossible to believe that meaningful consent is possible when it comes to sex, or money, or both combined.

I should have known better than to think i could alter people’s strongly held believe systems that sex is bad mmkay.

No longer sinking or clutching at straws, we sit now atop of a mountain, the multitude of fresh experiences flow like champagne down beyond the pale horizon.

As to why, if we met at a party, i aint going to tell you the truth about my employment.

Not only does the South Australian law make me a criminal, sex negative religion and cultures make me immoral, but now, feminists and do gooders make me a victim.

That’s not remotely what sex positivity is, of course – sex positivity is about DIVERSITY and rejection of the mainstream discourse as the only option for healthy, happy sex – and I confess I wasn’t even aware that there was any feminist argument against sex positivity (though really the post isn’t against sex positivity, because the person appears not to understand what sex positivity is).

So I checked out the links at the bottom of that post, and one of them was actually very helpful!

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