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While the company is best known for their line of stationary gas engines, over the years, the company has manufactured a wide array of products including radios, washing machines, power mowers, water heaters, water softeners, air conditioners, storage batteries, diesel locomotives, diesel engines, generators, AC electric motors, farm equipment, magnetos, scales, stokers, railroad motor cars and standpipes.       In January, 1916, Fairbanks, Morse & Co. FAIRBANKS, MORSE & COMPANY History:       Incorporated under the laws of Illinois, June, 1891, as successor to partnership of the same name. I would say it would be difficult if the engine had a serial number and impossible if it doesn't.

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Observation: The objective of a series of events held at a particular manufacturing site of Fairbanks Morse Engine was to reduce operator travel and co-develop more efficient work areas for operators.If that's the case, any "T" engine can be converted to a "Jack" by simply removing the cast iron base and vice the original owner in the 1950s.The pump, ignitor generator, hot tube, original galvanized fuel tank and cooling tank were long gone by then.All three shifts (one individual per shift) were brought onto the day shift for the purpose of observation.A Kaizen event kicked off the gemba walk with a safety orientation from the event leader and then a talk from Fairbanks’ safety expert.

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