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He is an attorney at the law firm of Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, where his father is one of the founding partners.His parents, Alex and Carla Katzenberg, live in Mount Washington.

Robbie and Vinton, armchair historians of the Revolutionary War period as well hip hop, walk you through each track of the musical to give you a bit of the historical context surrounding its fascinating cast of characters as well as a deeper dive into the musical influences.

When Brian told Courtney that he would be in town the next weekend for a Washington Capitals hockey game, she started telling him about Chicago Blackhawks players she remembered from the early '90s."I fooled him into thinking I knew all this about hockey," she says.

As you are all acutely aware, it’s been another week of the incessant howling of the damned that is our state and federal political landscape, you might want something a little less hellish to stick in your earholes. Here are some local podcasts you should know about…

She lived in Washington for three years while going to school for a master's degree in education.

She moved to Baltimore in 2012 and teaches at the Jemicy School in Owings Mills. His story: Brian Katzenberg, 29, grew up in Mount Washington.

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