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Piper attempts to help Mark and the two develop feelings.They discover that Wong hid documents on Mark's body to fool the police into thinking it was he who had died.Maybe it’s so I can get more people to read the books and DRAG THEM INTO THE PIT OF UNKNOWING MISERY WITH ME.

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In Chinatown, on the day of his birthday, Mark Chao is killed by the chief of a gang, Tony Wong, without any apparent motive. The spirit of Mark contacts Piper and Phoebe asking for help because if he is not buried in a short time, Yama, the gatekeeper of the gates of hell would collect his soul.SEESO“Harmon Quest”Good thing Dan Harmon maintained a post-“Community” relationship with NBCUniversal. A semiautobiographical portrayal of series co-creators Esposito and her comedy partner–turned-wife Rhea Butcher’s life in Los Angeles, the series is honest, heartfelt, and most importantly, hilarious.In July, the writer-producer debuted “Harmon Quest,” his part-live-action, part-animated, completely improvised web series featuring talented comedians and special guests playing fantasy roleplaying campaigns for an audience. Brimming with Esposito’s trademark knowingness and sly commentary on being an entertainer who’s gay in the modern day, “Take My Wife” will hit particularly close to home for working actors and other entertainers.“Flowers”A great dark comedy is a welcome addition to the Seeso slate, and writer-director Will Sharpe’s “Flowers” delivers.Set in the countryside of Surrey, England, the series stars Emmy nominee Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt as a married couple whose zest for life has calcified.

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