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Use your Chameleon dating software skills and start making money online today!I Want to Hire I Want to Work We have a dating website running on chameleon software.We also would like to engage someone on an ongoing basis to help maintain the two websites and provide customi...Background : we are a label graphic design manufacturer we are launching a new product : The concept is variable image software that will create multiple different from one source image.This concept has been launched by HP : they named it Mosaic One of our competitor named it Chameleon.the aim is to find a name for this product that we will sell we already did a brainstorm bu nothing cam...We are purchasing MLM software to manage "affiliates".We need to link the two, so that any purchases on the dating site are reflected in the mlm site, so that "affiliates" are properly credited with commissions.

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Chameleon Social is certainly the best software for social and dating sites out there now. One can not create a site now without any 3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality features. The web is developing into something new, not just pages. This is why I chose this software for its 3D and interactive features.

No one is interested in more websites with just HTML pages and that is it. Everything is becoming more real, more 3D and multi faceted.

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