Dating scammer name list Bi teens hookups

CMMS software can provide daily maintenance on any job site. [email protected] They try to be nice guys by telling you not to text and drive but in actuality they are nasty bastards because they want to scam you of your money. [email protected] Inheritance Scammer [email protected] Inheritance Scammer [email protected] Fake Business Inheritance Scammer [email protected] Phishing Scam (asks to click on phone number) [email protected] Asks you to cash check and give them money back (check is fake) [email protected] Asks for fee in exchange for large sum of money [email protected] Phishing scam or just commercial spammer, be wary of clicking on links [email protected] Phishing Scam Dating sites [email protected] Phishing Dating Scam - Don't click on links [email protected] Phishing Scam pretends to be from Whats App and claims receiver has voice mail [email protected] Scammer claims to be from Western Union and wants money wired to them [email protected] Scammer claiming to be Western Union. [email protected] Offers shipment of boxes with millions of dollars in them [email protected] Claims they want to invest but really want your banking account information [email protected] Fake Loan company. [email protected] [email protected] They have a special donation for you. That's a clue that it is a hijacked email with a thief behind it. [email protected] Scammer claiming to give away money. Let's get our list together and maybe some atty will help us out...!Amazing that these scam artists get as far as they do.Maria (USA) Report N3 (added on April, 17, 2013) This guy pretends to be U. He will ask for you to send him cell phones, computers or laptops through his diplomat. I found out his real name from another lady who he was chatting with. Sonja (USA) Report N5 (added on May, 30, 2013) This person pretend to be US military man based in Afghanistan. Vicky (Belgium) Report N6 (added on May, 30, 2013) He did contact me via Skype and he arranged a gmail account to see me on webcam.

He tried to contact me via the phone (skype) but didn't succeed. Shirley (USA) Report N9 (added on August, 7, 2013) I was contacted by this gentleman through Yahoo date line and conversed with him on Yahoo IM, May/Jun 2013.

But be wary of promises that seem to be good to be true. [email protected] Fake Western Union Email address looking for information [email protected] Promises to give out money - fake. [email protected] Promise to give funds and probably looking for fees to be paid [email protected] Claims you won a promotion. I think he's not sick, he's just majorly constipated. Probably a good idea not to click on the phishing link. [email protected] & [email protected] & [email protected] - Scammers from Uraguay using the name Mohammod want your personal information. [email protected] Fake Donation to receiver [email protected] Claims to be soldier, financial scam [email protected] Says they are from DHL and courier. [email protected] Claims to be a philanthropist. Yet the only giving they'll give you is a hole in your checking account [email protected] Scammer looking to give you money that doesn't exist. Stay away from the links [email protected] Phishing Scam claims to be form youtube and claims that you missed email.

If you need to keep track of many emails, content or tasks you might want to invest in software that can maintain and organize daily projects. [email protected] Offers an ATM Card with large amount of money to use. [email protected] Chase Mobile claims you have unusual activity on your Chase Mobile card. [email protected] Rachel Thomas has sent you personal message from linkedin.

They are transparent, all use the same MO (remote work location, widower or divorced, with adolescent to late teen son/daughter.

One sent a friend of mine a photo of a bandaged teen girl in hospital bed and claimed his daughter was in a car accident and he needed $$$ for emergency surgery.

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