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more about Nadia from Odessa What do you feel reading my profile? *) The term "Russian women" here and throughout our site is used to identify all women from former USSR, not just Russian women.

I am really not used to pretend and hide anything and usually I am very open with close people. This is not just another site with thousands of pictures of beautiful single Russian women, this is your one stop resource for establishing and keeping communication with real people across the globe, in any language.

In many things I am a little old fashioned, I still want to cook for my man home di... Our site has tens of thousands of personal profiles and pictures of eligible singles.

They are now all separate countries, but women there share many of the wonderful qualities that most men are looking for in a woman, such as dependability, loyalty, commitment to marriage and family.

We hope that the term "Russian women" does not offend our female members from other republics.

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