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You’ll look like you tried too hard, and your date might get a little scared. A frantic, last-minute dash to get date ready will leave you frantic and frazzled—not the ideal state of mind for the already anxiety-inducing event of a first date.

You’ll be able to answer the door calm, confident and not covered in sweat.

Try on your outfit a day in advance and walk around in it, especially if it’s new, so you’ve tested to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

And not that you'll even care, because you'll be dating your gorgeous fashion girl, but you will regularly be standing next to supermodels at the bar.3. If you're into a little exposure for that pet project/app/e-commerce site you've been thinking of launching, it certainly can't hurt.4. That embarrassing photo of you from 2004 from your company site will no longer hold the number one spot in your Google image search.5. Here are a few dos and don’ts to make sure you stay on genre: DO look your best.This is a first impression of sorts, so while you don’t need to reenact the above-mentioned montage, take the time to style your hair, check your teeth for lipstick stains and your dress for wrinkles, and break out a signature piece that shows some personality—a flattering wrap dress, chic cropped jacket or haute pair of leather knee-high boots will do the trick. Yes, you may want to step it up a notch in the hair, makeup and ensemble departments, but don’t reinvent—this is not the time to try that gelled-up faux-hawk or layer on the multi-colored eye makeup (unless your look is already modern punk). First, you won’t have to tear apart your dresser and undo hours of housekeeping.The stylish journalist added fuel to the speculation thanks to his Instagram page, on which he has posted numerous photos of the pair together, with one dating up to 35 weeks ago.One selfie depicts the pair in a gloriously sunny holiday location, where they celebrated Christmas Eve together, according to the caption.

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