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Germany is one of 25 European countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement, which removes internal border controls between the signatory countries and applies the same passport expiration rules to all.

You must have at least three months left on your passport at the end of your stay in Germany.

She was whining about the fact that she had to take the extra time and trouble to consult with a German pharmacist (in German of all things) in order to obtain a medication that she could have bought over the counter in the US.While living or travelling in Germany and Austria, I have made several trips to the pharmacist to get help with a medical problem.In every case, the pharmacist either provided a good solution or, in one case, told me to see a physician (what I thought was a sprained finger turned out to be a broken one).Several people left comments pointing out that the German system actually provided the benefit of helpful, professional advice that would have required a visit to the doctor in the US.True, you can’t just go to a supermarket and buy a bottle of aspirin in Germany, but you can go to your local a and get sound advice about which pain reliever would be best for your situation.

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