Dating a non religious person

For you, being smart means that after you leave the relationship you shouldn’t go back!

When God gave the Israelites an exodus opportunity, they took it. If your relationship is even slightly abusive, consider this your sign to exit the relationship NOW!

It's a question that is regularly asked, but not always accurately answered.

It confuses, perplexes, and even angers both Christians and non-Christians alike.

It didn't matter to me at first, but I think all along at the back of my mind, I knew it would be an issue someday.

And sure enough, after awhile, I decided I couldn't go on with it anymore, because it was "wrong".

And so I broke up with the perfect guy all because he wasn't a Christian.

I mean, I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend and God.

Well, his Christian God (a God I don't believe in).

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