Dating a homebody

A pizza and a Netflix subscription will win their hearts forever.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!The dating website Zoosk calculated how much it would cost for a date in major cities across the United States. That 0 includes two movie tickets, two drinks, two cappuccinos, and dinner for two (and just wait until you factor in Ubers, the new outfit you bought, and Snowcaps! Do yourself a favor and get yourself a frequent buyer card at your local grocery store and buy a couple bottles of wine.

You won’t have to impress this person by buying them expensive dinners out, or lavish vacations.

I had a previous gf who always gave me **** about wanting to socialize, this girl has some very similar qualities to her.

I find the results from the poll very contradictory to what I've seen girls go for.

Most girls I've met go for the confident outgoing extrovert.

A homebody like myself doesn't get as much as a first date from my experience. If a guy was a homebody how should he approach you when he does go out and where would he find you?

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