Creepiness rule dating

In its first known appearances (in the book Her Royal Highness Woman by Max O'Rell, "The little shepherd of Kingdom Come" by John Fox, and the 1951 play The Moon is Blue by F.Hugh Herbert), it's stated or implied that at the beginning of a relationship or marriage, the woman's age "is supposed to be half the man's age, plus seven", which gives a different (asymmetrical) interpretation to the rule.Sadly, I was not the one to come up with this rather brilliant formula.Please note that it doesn't work under 14 years old, and the higher the number entered, the higher the maximum age will be. However, it doesn’t represent women’s preferences at all.

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the “half-your-age-plus-seven” rule, which states that no person should date someone under (age / 2 7), otherwise they will look like a creeper.

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Brown provides the example of a first rule creepiness date dating advice for men: keep cool.

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