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Ford is the daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd and nightclub entertainer David Ford.

Ford has two half-siblings, Molly "Ariel" Shepherd Oppenheim and Cyrus "Zack" Shepherd Oppenheim from her mother's remarriage to chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim.

This is how she phrased it, "There are people who get it, and get what my original meaning was.

; it should just be these people are gay and it’s part of life.

Born to parents Shepherd and nightclub entertainer David Ford on June 29, 1979, she shuttled between Los Angeles, where her mother lived, and Memphis, where her very Irish-Catholic father and step-mom lived. Ford started her film career in American Pie and played supporting roles in Bring It On and Cherry Falls.

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The first thing that really upset me was that the cover line said ' Clementine Ford Comes Out' which, clearly if you read the article, I did not come out.It was really misleading and full of misquotes to sell the magazine.If someone’s buying it to see that I came out, well, get your money back." Clementine Ford Clarifies and Come Back out in The Advocate: Later in an interview with The Advocate, Ford clarified that she was angry at how Diva magazine manipulated her words and she wasn't going back in the closet.My siblings and I would bring home men and women, and as long as they were human it wasn’t a big thing,” she added.While it was a clear case of sexual fluidity, people started touting her as clear-cut lesbian.

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