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Born in the late '80s, the tradition of dramatic album cuts flourished throughout the '90s.

But they gave voice to what a lot of us were feeling – that England was dreaming.

Maybe it was because of where i was standing, but i couldn't hear well at all. Anyways, LEROI lit it up with a huge huge solo, you could tell he was enjoying the night. Then dave welcomed out a guest (i kinda figured someone was going to show up) and out comes warren haynes. Much better then the 7/24 show, but holy shit did warren have a great great solo. WYA- went the whole show acoustic until now, I didnt want this to end such a great show, this song is awesome but shouldnt end a show, dave killed this song with the ending lyrics. Crush was spectacular, I love this song, and the guys just made it so much better than ever. Then i was shocked by Nancies-Warehouse, I love these guys! What You Are is nice, I really enjoy hearing this live! Complainers need to shut up since I drove from MA at 8am and made it to the show at 12 and waited forever but it was for a good cause, charity. What is for certain is that the entire band played to their greatest extent on every single song. Ants had everyone in the venue dancing and singing. Cortez the Killer was great to hear, although it was disappointing that many people chose to take a break while it played. It went off perfectly with Warren Haynes as a guest and Dave scating out with so much passion and energy at the end that everyone was simply blown away. After listening to the songs that were played all the way up to Help Myself, I was wondering how the show could get any better and then Warren Haynes came out. Haynes shared vocals with Dave for Cortez the Killer and showcased his talent with the electric guitar and stuck around for Jimi Thing.

Bernard Rhodes is a fashion designer, record producer, songwriter, manager and impresario who was integral to the development of the punk rock scene in the United Kingdom during the middle 1970s.

LONDON - JUNE 1977: English punk rock group the Sex Pistols aboard the Queen Elizabeth on the River Thames on June 7, 1977 during their Silver Jubilee Boat Trip.

The group in teh centre of the shot are L-R Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), unknown, film maker Julien Temple (back to camera), artist and designer Jamie Reid, film maker Doug Smith and cameraman John Metcalfe.

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