Bruce willis dating now

Rumer posed with Val, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and her sisters Tallulah and Scout.

They looked like one big, happy family setting their differences aside to support Rumer. We also know that Demi’s ex husband, Ashton Kutcher, has also shown support for Rumer throughout her competition on the show.

Sources close to Demi Moore reported that the actress is now feeling run down by the problems with dating and has basically called a halt to pursuing any new relationships. Moore has lately been regretting the decision to end her second marriage.

The star had a "joyful" demeanor during the performance, which came on the heels of news that ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is expecting his first child with fiancee Mila Kunis.

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces Kutcher is now happily recoupled with Mila Kunis, who he reportedly considers to be his soul partner and, after the couple recently had a daughter together, Moore has seemingly lost hope, according to the source.

“After Ashton, Demi feels that she is not going to ever really find that connection again with another man,” says source.

winning the Mirrorball trophy, and that’s the kind of bond that will last a lifetime.

It sounds like they’re better off as friends, anyway.

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