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But sometimes, sexiness takes a back seat to "poetry", and you get these: the most absurd sexual metaphors and euphemisms in pop music.09.

Perry, we’re not sure which male demographic you’re satisfying with that one, but you might want to sign their CDs with latex gloves. Dinah Washington - “Long John’s Blues” (1948)Lyrics: “I went to Long John’s office, and told him the pain was killin’ / he told me not to worry, that my cavity just needed fillin’” In this sultry blues classic, torch singer Dinah Washington sets up a completely relatable scenario: her tooth is aching, and only the best/largest dentist in town can fix it.

There is basically no hugging or learning on Archer, but the characters are so perfectly developed and even three-dimensional (give or take Cheryl, who is basically just a catch-all for the writers to do crazy things with) that storylines arise from their interactions and not just whatever crazy situations they’re thrust into.

Yet the show doesn’t really take these relationships seriously all that often—to its benefit, I think.

They, too, harbor feelings of self-doubt and a sense of worthlessness at times, to the point of wanting to end it all.

Unfortunately, some celebs couldn’t handle the pressure, and ended up doing just that.

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