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Mei has been enjoying the company of her sugar daddies for just four months but says she's already she's earned almost £2,000, as well as being regularly being wined and dined.

She says: 'Some of them have had sugar babies for years and spend thousands on them.

The group Big Tymers (composed of Baby and in-house producer Mannie Fresh) bragged on their hit single “Stay Fly”: “Can’t pay my rent, ‘cause all my money’s spent/But that’s ok, ‘cause I’m still fly.” The label trucked on for another decade, surviving the collapse of most independent labels at the start of the new millennium.At first, he was so against it – but now he jokes that I'm an expensive girl, so at least I'm getting myself some money.'Now, Mason says he has even considered meeting her dates: 'I didn't like the idea of my girlfriend going out with other guys, but that stemmed from jealousy.''Now Winnie has told me about the dates, I can see that these men are good people and treat her well.I'd even be willing to meet them myself if she wanted me to.'It took me a while to appreciate and understand the art of it, but now I know if anything did go wrong she'd tell me immediately.'Mc Donald's worker Winnie first heard of sugar babies in September 2016, after a co-worker confessed to being one.The DIY mantra that’s permeating hip-hop culture as of late is far from new.Back in the early ’90s, Master P started a whole record label known as No Limit Records from the trunk of his car.

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