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In a recent interview, he told us of an odd passion of his: "When I was 13, I was obsessed with lawnmowers." It may have stemmed from his love of cricket. It wasn't girls [I was interested in], it was lawnmowers."5.A producer has joked that James's fan base is made up of polite, middle-class teenage females called Poppy.

Speaking to You magazine, Goulding said of their surprising romance: “I became very good friends with Sonny when we worked together and after that we realised we wanted to spend a lot of time together.But the 25-year-old singer-songwriter has revealed how moving to central London has helped her settle down. It’s just an album based around the last couple of years, when I’ve had a lot to think about.Goulding, who has just bought a flat in the West End, said: “It’s really calm, it’s friendly. Because he’s well known people are always going to be interested.I don’t hide from the showbiz world, I’ve just worked out what I like,’ James, 28, told Guilty Pleasures ahead of the BBC Music Awards tonight.‘People will ask me about Ellie and it doesn’t matter. ‘As long as people don’t know me just for showbizzy stuff. I don’t want to be remembered for doing anything else than my job.’ James says the maturity he has achieved helped him get through his awkward interview with Goulding, 27, at the Invictus Games in September.

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