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The website is certainly appealing, with a striking couple greeting me on the homepage.

A short teaser with pictures of gorgeous 19 to 50 year olds that I’m bound to connect with gets me filling in the next form in a hurry – eye colour, weight, body type, hair colour, home owner, reason for using the site – the list goes on.

1 notification received which is most obviously notifies a crush.

It is very obvious that Hannah considers it safer to desire a person virtually. Love blossoms over a few days of steady exchange of pings and bingo!

However, every store window I seem to pass ( I am on foot a lot in the summer) is a new display of boots..heavy sweaters and winter coats. There may have been a time when I felt like I had to apologize for this or make excuses. Reinvention doesn’t always mean reinventing the outside. I was actually feeling great about myself last night -- given it was a Tuesday -- given I was alone wearing a gold lame Bob Mackie top.

I was feeling great and grateful when I walked into the Chicago History Museum. This is when you know you have really MOVED to a new city-- when you have to find a doctor.

It is also geographically well located and in a position to be a (not so) small fish in a big pond. If you think it’s the steaks that make Jeff Ruby’s restaurants so successful, guess again.

It’s actually a combination of family, relationships, values, community giveback and hometown pride.

The C-Suite Award honors our region’s leading chief executive officers; chairmen; chief operating, information, marketing and financial officers and other C-level executives.

James uses these mishaps to her advantage, painting a clear map of modern-day dating archetypes and what other women should avoid.

Social Clout: 781 followers, 17 likes URL: Bragging Rights: exploring the strange world of online dating With a killer title, this blog promises and delivers all the craziness that comes with online dating.

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