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He paused and then declared, "Well, when I grow up I'm going to be a [sic] single." "How do you know? "I'll be too busy playing in the World Cup to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend! We marveled that this little boy already sensed the conflicts adults face as they contemplate the shape of their lives, and could intuit that extreme commitment requires extreme sacrifice.

I rejoice in the messages of my Brethren who have preceded me, and I now ask you for your faith and prayers in my behalf as I address you."As more young adults delay marriage into their 30s while career demands intensify, many increasingly feel overloaded," she reports."Many set high expectations for themselves, dating, staying in shape, doing volunteer work, and helping family -- while still getting stellar performance reviews." She cites a Mc Kinsey & Co.Several months ago a good friend recounted a conversation with her 6-year-old son.He was excitedly describing a cartoon that concluded "with a cat hopping onto a motorcycle and racing off with his girlfriend." Sensing a parenting opportunity, she asked if he knew what a "girlfriend" was. She explained the concept of boyfriends and girlfriends.

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